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Anil Kumar Sahu

Dr. Vishal Jain

Development and characterization of novel lymphatic delivery systems for some  macrofilaricidal plant actives

Bina Gidwani

Dr. Amber Vyas

Preparation and characterization of cyclodextrin-based nanocarriers for delivery of anticancer drugs Bendamustine and Altretamine

Madhulika Pradhan

Dr.(Mrs.) Manju Singh

Development and characterization of novel lipid based systems of Triamcinolone acetonide and  Fluocinolone acetonide with keratolytic agent for psoriasis

Rajendra Jangdey

Dr. Deependra Singh

Design and characterization of novel systems of plant actives   for wound healing

Abhishek Sah

Dr.(Mrs.) Preeti K. Suresh

Development and Characterization of Nanocarriers for ocular delivery of corticosteroids for the effective treatment of uveitis.

Amit Alexander

Prof. Shailendra Saraf

Understanding the role of thermosensitive copolymer based injectable hydrogels for biomedical application.

Anshita Gupta

Prof. Swarnlata Saraf

Development of site specific drug delivery system of quercetin through bio-ligands for treating ultraviolet radiation induced skin carcinoma.

Moh. Junaid Khan

Prof. Shailendra Saraf

Standardization, Pharmacological evaluation and development of novel lipid based carrier system of some traditional medicinal plant.

Manmohan Singh Jangdey

Prof. Swarnlata Saraf

Development of apigenin transfersomal system for skin cancer

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Rajnikant Panik

Dr. Deependra Singh

Development and Characterization of bioactive loaded Nanocarrier for the treatment of infected burn wound.

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Tekeshwar Kumar

Dr. Vishal Jain

Chemo-genetic  and pharmacological evaluation of some ethnomedicinal plant of Chhattisgarh

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Veena Devi Thakur

Dr. S.J. Daharwal

Development and Validation of Instrumental Analytical Methods for Simultaneous Estimation of some Multicomponent Dosage Forms

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Mukesh Kumar Nag

Dr. Deependra Singh

Formulation and Optimization of Lactoferrin Loaded Nanoparticle in Antibiotic Polymer Matrix Systems for Management of Burn Wound

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Kumar Bhandu Lathiyare

Dr. Vishal Jain

Development and Characterization of Phytovesicles of some plant Actives for the treatment Diabetes Mellitis

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Satish Patel

Dr. Deependra Singh

Development and Characterization Lupeol and PDGF loaded Novel Delivery System for Treatment of wounds in diabetics

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Shikha Shrivastava

Dr.(Mrs.) Manju Singh

Designing and Characteriozation of targeted Biommetic Nanomatric system of Antioxidant Enzyme SOD for Mitigating Oxidative stress in Rheumatoid Arthritis

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Manish Gupta

Dr.( Mrs.) Swarnlata Saraf

Development of Itraconazole loaded Ethosomal Formulation for Anti Skin cancer Efficacy

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Pooja Dubey

Dr.(Mrs.)Manju Singh

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Roman Aneshwari

Dr. Vishal Jain

Ph. D Course work